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Ami: “Because Denizli is my home as well.” – AIESEC Global Volunteer Experience

I always have a dream to go abroad, meet a lot new people, learn and see something from different perspective and find my new family.

2 years ago I might be a girl that only know how to dream. That year I might be a girl that lack of confidence of being a leader, afraid to speak for my own voices, and still not sure about myself. But one day I decided to get out from my comfort zone and there’s how my life changing experience begin.


Ami Because Denizli is my home as well AIESEC Global Volunteer Experience


I went to Denizli, Turkey for Global Volunteer through AIESEC. I chose Turkey because their culture is very rich, the language is interesting, and also I want to experience being in Asia and Europe at the sametime since they have both.

Some people were asking me “Why Denizli?” I have no idea at the beginning of the project, because I didn’t know anything about Denizli either.


Ami Because Denizli is my home as well AIESEC Global Volunteer Experience 2


I lived with one of the organizing committee and her flat mate during the project, and they instantly became my sister. They taught me a lot things about Turkey and how to live like turkish, because for me going on exchange is not only about being foreigner in the other country but also how to learn the culture and live like a local. Beside that I also loved to talked with my neighbours while drinking tea and taking their kids to the park after the project in order to learn their language.

I was very happy because everyone was very friendly and treated me like I am part of their family. Now if people are asking me the same question, the answer is “Because Denizli has my everything. It is the place where I found my family, friends, sister and it will always have a special part in my heart because now it’s my home as well.”


Ami Because Denizli is my home as well AIESEC Global Volunteer Experience 3


My project called “Colors of the Universe.” It was about culture and language, where I met 23 amazing people from around the world and also turkish students from various ages. It wasnt easy to deal with a lot of people from different background, and this experience taught me a lot of things.

Meeting the people on the project was the best moment in my life. I learnt that the differences isnt an obstacle of this world, but thats what makes this world beautiful. Because no matter what your colours, race, nationality, religion, opinion we are still one: the future leader of this world.


Ami Because Denizli is my home as well AIESEC Global Volunteer Experience 8


I never regret this Global Volunteer experience in Turkey because trough this exchange, now I have a lot of brother and sister in  21 countries and bunch of family and friends in Turkey.

And the most important thing is how this project and experience changed and shaped me as a person, because since then I promised to myself that I will be brave to be a leader, be open minded and speak for myself and other people.

= = = = =

Rohmatulloh Amirodtudin

Jurusan Keperawatan UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Presiden AIESEC in South Tangerang 2018

Peserta pertukaran Global Volunteer ke Denizli, Turki 2016.

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